Ready, steady, GO!

We are creating an outside space which is inviting and welcoming, and reflects the interior of our reordered church building. As part of the project we are improving the appearance of the approach and entrance to our church building by installing frameless glass doors.

We will improve the surroundings of our building and make a safe place to be used by church, school and Community with organisations already queuing up to use it for their own activities.

Our neighbouring church school, All Saints’ Primary, has no green space - indeed its outdoor space is less than half the nationally expected minimum. Pupils will be able to use this space for outdoor education and suitable planting will encourage a vibrant natural habitat for study - and for reflective activities, quiet times and stories. Building on the excellent relationship between our church and church school, we know that school would be able to make good use of this new space.

It will also be of great benefit to children from Copley school who visit church regularly, along with our uniformed organisations and of course the different groups of our own Kids Church who would be able to us this space for a variety of supervised activities.

Having a safe and open outside space will enable us to hold barbecues for our family picnics after some of the morning services, as well as for other occasions and groups - and community events such as “bring your own meat” barbecues.

We aim to provide a place of quiet and beauty for all the community of Skircoat Green, including somewhere safer for parents to gather and chat at home times.

We will improve what we have to offer for occasional services (baptisms, weddings and funerals), with special reference to photography at weddings and baptisms and places for older visitors to sit while this happens.

As part of our mission to the local community of Skircoat Green, Copley and Salterhebble we are involved in many activities that will benefit by having this usable space outside the church. We continue to extend links with the local community and better communicate the reality of a welcoming and thriving church to those around it.

A wide variety of events is already schedule which will aid our contiunued service to our local community.

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