Mothers Union

Mothers' Union is an international Christian membership charity that aims to demonstrate the Christian faith in action through the transformation of communities worldwide.

We work with people of all faiths and none in 83 countries to promote stable marriage, family life and the protection of children through praying, enabling and campaigning.

Mothers Union at All Saints'

All Saints' has had a large and thriving MU branch since it was set up on the 4th March, 1906. We have around 50 members with ages ranging from the 30-somethings to the 90-somethings. We are not all mothers, in fact we are not all women. We have meetings nearly every month where we enjoy fun, faith and fellowship and all are welcome at these meetings. They are usually on the last Thursday of the month, starting at 7.30pm in the church lounge, but there are also meals and trips out. Members who are unable (or just not keen) to attend can support us in other ways, especially in prayer. Prayer is a huge part of MU membership. At all times of the day and night, someone, somewhere is praying for the needs of the world and MU. This is because we are linked in the Worldwide Wave of Prayer. Our newly linked dioceses are Lesotho, Etche, Ogbomoso, Kibungo and Hanuato'o and our slot falls at the beginning of January.

Our members are very active in the wider work of All Saints and beyond: The Toddler groups at Copley and the Parish Hall and the Thursday Coffee Morning are organised by MU members; we have a small but dedicated group preparing meals for the Saturday Gathering; and no less than four of our members are Foundation Governors of All Saints School.

If you would like to know more or have any questions please see Sarah Killingback (branch leader) or ask in the church office.

Our aims and objectives are:

  • To promote and support married life
  • To encourage parents in their role to develop the faith of their children
  • To maintain a worldwide fellowship of Christians united in prayer, worship and service
  • To promote conditions in society favourable to stable family life and the protection of children
  • To help those whose family life has met with adversity

Our vision

Whilst the ways in which we operate to fulfil that need may be different from that of the world of the 19th Century, our vision today is still of a world where God’s love is shown through loving, respectful, and flourishing relationships. This is the essence of our work.

Our mission

We aim to show our Christian faith by the transformation of communities worldwide. We can do this through the promotion of stable marriage, family life and the protection of children. This is our mission. It is what we aim to achieve.

By speaking out against social injustice and campaigning for the recognition of the value of stable family life, Mothers’ Union can work towards its vision of a world where God’s love is shown through loving, respectful and flourishing relationships. Actively campaigning and speaking out against injustice is crucial to being a Christian and the large MU membership has a strong campaigning voice. On a local, national and international basis MU members take part in campaigns to protect those who cannot protect themselves and enable families to flourish, knowing they are supported.

Children, unable to defend their own rights, are campaigned for by Mothers’ Union. We recognised that today’s society leaves children vulnerable to many attacks that take away their right to be a child. Our Bye Buy Childhood campaign was launched in 2010 to raise awareness of the increasing levels of marketing and sexual imagery aimed at and accessible to children. The campaign has already brought about a change in both industry and government and we hope to continue its impact over