Can it be happening? Yes it can!


Hi everyone,

Every year on Good Friday, All Saints' Church put on a fun event for kids called the Good Friday Happening, where we do loads of craft, eat lovely food, play with a LOT of Lego and learn about the real meaning of easter. 

This year, sadly, we are not able to hold the event as we usually do, so we've moved online! 

We're attaching some easter craft activities and some competitions and we'd love it if you would share pictures of your children's creations on our Facebook group or email to:

We are doing some of the activities as competitions so please send us photos of these entries along with the age category of the 'artist'

Category 1:  - up to age 8
Category 2:  - age 9 - 15

Send by Tuesday 14th April. 

We can't send out prizes at the moment for the winners but we will award prizes at our Welcome Garden opening event (date to be confirmed).


Art and craft

Decorate our easter egg (download) (COMPETITION)

Make a little easter hug (download) and give it to someone

Make a palm cross (download)


Do some easter baking and send us a photo of your creation


Make a lego creation or a lego stop motion and send us a photo or video of your creation (COMPETITION)


Take a photograph in your garden or on your walk in the theme of 'Springtime' (COMPETITION)

Find things from nature from your garden or on your walk and make a picture from them.


What's Easter all about?

This a lovely poem that explains the real meaning of easter:



We don't charge for our Good Friday Happening, but this year thought it would be
nice for any donations to be given to a charity of your choice or to Overgate Hospice