We have finished Phase One

How much will the project cost?

The Welcome Garden Project comes in two parts and later additions.

Phase One has involved the removal and re-siting of the majority of the gravestones from the North graveyard between the church entrance and the main road.

Four of the tallest memorials will remain to give a sense that this is a graveyard - as will one other for GPS positioning. Smaller memorials have been placed around the low front walls. The majority are positioned near the boundary walls in the east of the graveyard. All of this will be plotted and recorded. In addition a survey of all graves and re sited stones has been undertaken and a digital record will be prepared.

Phase One - removal of the stones and rough levelling of the yard to make safe has cost in the region of £20,000 (including the cost of having a professional archaeologist in attendance) and has been carried out by Calderdale Council Bereavement Services division.

We have received three grants so far: £2,000 from the Bearders Trust; £1,500 from the Allchurches Trust; and £1,500 from the Community Foundation for Calderdale. In just four months the church has raised the £15,000 needed for Phase One through fund raising events, personal giving and collections at funerals of church people.

Phase 2 of the Garden Project involves a more careful contouring of the cleared yard with the following additions:

Re-seeding and a planting scheme focusing on bushes and plants to enhance the appearance of the church and its northern surroundings and encourage wildlife.

Two new seating areas with bespoke benches.

New notice boards, including one to chart a brief history of the church and illustrate its interior.

Resurfaced pathways with a specially designed area for the front of church for use at baptisms, weddings etc. New fully glazed front doors and redecorated porch with new

This 2nd phase will cost in the excess of £35,000, which we hope to raise through further grants and locxal fundraising and giving.

We will also need to buy equipment to enhance the Garden's use such as ourdoor chairs and gazebos.

We hope to see the second phase of the Welcome Garden Project begin in August, and see the results of the planting by Spring 2020.

Ways you can help to support this project:
1. Pledge to give towards specific elements of the project
2. Support our fundraising events

For more info, contact the church via email admin@allsaintshalifax.org.uk


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